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Horse riding

Short Rides

Winter / October to june / Sainte-Agnès

Part day rides

Sainte Agnès, which is celebrated as one of the most beautiful villages of France, is the starting point for the treks from October to June. Riding is enjoyed on the myriad of unspoilt paths which weave around the foothills. These paths are also ideal for riders to enjoy wind in their hair, at a trot, canter or gallop. To the North is the splendour of the Mercantour National Park, and to the South, the glittering waters of the Med. Never too far from the real world, but often it is possible to feel as if you are miles away from civilisation....

Balade d'hiver à Cheval Balade d'hiver à Cheval Balade d'hiver à Cheval
  • 2 hours - every Saturday and Sunday morning; during the week by request
    35€ per person
  • 3 hours – half day - every Saturday and Sunday afternoon
    45€ per person
Balade d'hiver à Cheval

Full day rides

Day rides allow you to discover unknown territory just above the French Riviera. The terrain subtly changes to a more Alpine above 1000m, where for example, riders halt at Ségra, which is a delightful grassy plain, with the summits of the Mercantour as a backdrop. Colours and natural light are wonderful all year around, and not far away are the skyscrapers of Monaco – what contrasts!

  • 75 € per person - by request, minimum 5 people
    The group may be made up with several individual riders.
    85€ per person lunch included

Summer / June to september / Le Boréon

Part day rides

2 hour and half-day rides take place on the boundaries of the Mercantour National Park. Itineraries may follow cross-country ski circuits, peaceful riding along river courses, enjoying the views to the Erps valley, and chatting to dairy farmers at their summer base in the Cavalet.

Full day rides

For day rides, the lovely broad valley of the Salèse can be enjoyed. Here the larch is king, and chamois and birds of prey can be spotted on high. The beautiful Scluos and Graverrette lakes, are excellent places for wild swimming and sunbathing, while your horse enjoys a break.

Balade d'été à Cheval Balade d'été à Cheval Balade d'été à Cheval
  • 2h - every morning 35 € / person
  • half day - every afternoon 45 € / person
  • Full day - on request 75 € / person (85€/person lunch unclouded)

Long rides

Horseriding lessons

How to improve your riding skills while also enjoying the countryside? We offer courses offering practical assistance with your riding skills, whatever your level. Courses last 2 hours and alternate between practical exercises, training and nature trails.

10-sessions pass - 300€
Every Sunday mornings from October to June
Other days on request
4-people minimum.

Cours d'Equitation en pleine Nature

Training course : Billy the Kid

Enrol your children for a great adventure! During school holidays, we offer 5-day training courses for children.

The programme: equitation classes (training, ptv, TREC…) ; discovery of the natural environment ; farming, topography and an introduction into all horse-related activities. Open to all levels. Full or half-board during autumn holidays, February holidays, Spring holidays, the first week of July and the last week of August.

Stage d'Equitation Stage d'Equitation Stage d'Equitation

Training + lunch : 300 €
Training + full board : 500 €
Durée : 5 days

Horse and...

Horse & food

Combine a love of horses and good eating! For these trips a cook comes with the group and prepares picnics and snacks from mountain products. Local products, yummy dishes, home-made snacks… At night, refuges spoil the riders with regional specialities, and special dietary needs can be catered for. Perfect for horse loving foodies.

Available from 110€ pp per day + 60€/night half board.

Horse & Food
Horse & Yoga

Horse and Yoga

Open your chakras by trying out Lyengar Yoga ! This practice is based on the deepening of yoga postures - the asanas - and yogic breathing - pranayama. It allows you to release body tension by stretching and moving… Asanas and pranayama, meditation in action, are two essential disciplines in yoga practice, to bring body and mind in contact with the light of the soul and find interior peace.

Ophelia Ouillé, an advanced yoga teacher certified by the French Yoga Association, can teach either beginners or experienced yoga students. To complete this wellness experience in the heart of Nature, organic and vegetarian meals are served. At nightfall, to perfect your relaxation, a Nordic bath, under the stars, is a welcome treat.

Board can be arranged on request.